elektronn3.training.plotting module

class elektronn3.training.plotting.Scroller(axes, images, names, init_z=None)[source]

Bases: object

elektronn3.training.plotting.add_timeticks(ax, times, steps, time_str='mins', num=5)[source]
elektronn3.training.plotting.plot_hist(timeline, history, save_path, loss_smoothing_length=200, autoscale=True)[source]

Plot graphical info during Training

elektronn3.training.plotting.scroll_plot(images, names=None, init_z=None)[source]

Creates a plot 1x2 image plot of 3d volume images Scrolling changes the displayed slices

  • images (list of arrays (or single)) – Each array of shape (z,y,x) or (z,y,x,RGB)

  • names (list of strings (or single)) – Names for each image

  • Usage

  • -----

  • work (For the scroll interaction to) –

  • object (the "scroller") –

  • scope (must be returned to the calling) –

  • fig (>>>) –

  • _scroll_plot4(images (scroller =) –

  • names)

  • fig.show() (>>>) –

elektronn3.training.plotting.sma(c, n)[source]

Returns box-SMA of c with box length n, the returned array has the same length as c and is const-padded at the beginning